Music Fans Going Gaga Over Pixie Lott At This Year’s Video Music Awards

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It is January in fact it i snowy and cold. Even though of our local Pennsylvania State Parks take an opening from outdoor programming, the parks are still open. There are a lot of opportunities for you to hike, fish, and bi-cycle. You can even cross country ski, sled and snowshoe when snow depths permit it. Just some parks still have programming the actual winter. Here is what is taking a this weekend in parks not definitely not Johnstown.

“Happy Friday the 13th from the Comedy Examiner’s Office!”– in which we provide a funny, Friday the 13th-themed video for all of the Comedy Examiner readers out there. Trust us, you wanna click the website link.

Jordin Sparks made an appearance, alongside Josh Turner, to present the award for Single of this year by girls artist. Fellow Idol alum, Carrie Underwood, took home the award for “Mama’s Song.” This song was also honored for music zoo Video of the year. Later on in the show, Carrie won the award for Female Artist of the whole year.

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